We supply the tools for you to provide recommendations to your followers and give you the ability to monetize one of your most valuable assets.


Put your participant data into BumbleCast’s Platform.


Simply approve marketing messages appropriate for your followers. We do the rest.

Get Paid

We track the results, you get paid helping people find events to do.

New Revenue

With BumbleCast, there is a new way to make money by recommending activities to your followers while getting paid for every registration you drive.

Industry Building

Your followers value recommendations for complementary events helping build even deeper trust and engagement with them. This benefits your brand, your participants, and the industry.


BumbleCast is set up like a "Hive". Your data is always isolated and secure; we believe its one of your most valuable assets and we are a tool to unlock its potential.

Controlled Automation

Simply approve offers and BumbleCast will do the rest – managing content optimization, tracking, personalization, opt-outs, and more.